This isn’t about God Of War

As every news magazine website and blog on the planet is writing about God of War this week, we at More Game, are not. That is not a rebellious choice, to go against the grain and be the original stand-outs, but for the simple reason that we don’t have a big audience, which means no […]

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Splinter Cell Teased

Ubisoft has recently announced their plan for continued support for Ghost Recon Wildlands, on their Year 2 Announcement. The updates will be phased out, in what Ubisoft is calling 4 Special Operations. The 1st updated, “Special Operations 1” will be launching on Tuesday, April 10, but our focus here is on a teaser realized for another special […]

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Far Cry 5 – Review

It’s Different! This is still a Far Cry game, but the differences are noticeable, and that is a good thing. But let’s start from the beginning: Far Cry 5, the newest instalment of the acclaimed Far Cry franchise, takes place in rural Montana, when the “Project at Eden’s Gate”, an extremist religious doomsday cult takes […]

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